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Pefectly improvised: industrial style 


Landsberg am Lech -  “Restaurant concepts are getting more and more individual”, says GO IN brand mananger Maurus Reisenthel. If you play a bit with different styles, you can make any ambience unique – and chain restaurants have been using this trick for some time now. Consistent handwritten script combined with individually styled items creates a retro look that can also be placed under the “industrial style” heading.  


This interior style feels raw, cool, but cosy. Clues taken from old furniture or marks on the floor or walls create a specific, attractive look. Industrial-style furniture is both contemporary and practical but it also tells a story through its appearance –  while taking you back to old workshops, factories or studios. Dominant materials include dark or untreated wood and grey or black metal, always with matted surface. Combining this with discreet, natural materials helps soften the rough charm of the cold metal. Swivel or three-legged stools, chairs in  factory look and tables with solid wooden tops and metal frames are all part of this style.


When it comes to the wall, bare concrete and brick walls dominate. Walls are often grey or covered in dark paint with used look. Industrial lamps help set the scene as well. Fabric accessories in form of cushions and individual decorations (pictures) offer a contrast to the rough style of the ambience. Industrial look appeals to both men and women and is suitable for vintage cafés, lobbies of stylish hotels, popular restaurants and shops.


Individual items like Chesterfield armchairs and leather sofas with striking cushion buttons and diamond stitching can be combined with cow hides in form of rugs or shaggy cushions and blankets to put the icing on the cake. The  secret of a perfect industrial look lies in the imperfect, including the decoration scheme: natural-white candles without candle holders, accessories placed seemingly at random, pallets or boxes as shelves. Design that looks improvised but is actually a well-rounded part of the overall concept. 



GO IN_YS0090_KT0500_YH0090_HK.jpg: GO IN offers industrial-style tables and chairs in the latest 2017/18 product range: Photo: GO IN